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Terminal-check-in procedure

On delivery to the terminal and prior to transport being handled by the agency, the loading unit is subject to an initial inspection by check-in staff. The findings are then documented in a check-in log.

In total, three copies are produced, one each for the delivering transport company, the Kombiverkehr agency and the terminal operator. The check-in staff, the lorry driver from the transport company and Kombiverkehr agency employees all acknowledge receipt of the log. The check-in log is used to document, among other things, existing damage, specific features of the loading unit, such as the presence of customs seals or any hazardous goods or waste contained therein, and general suitability for dispatch. On receiving authorisation for transport from check-in personnel, the lorry driver hands over a copy to Kombiverkehr agency staff, who issue the dispatch order. Should the delivered loading unit not be authorised for dispatch, the check-in log must still be submitted. The subsequent course of action is to be agreed between Kombiverkehr agency staff and the delivering transport company. At best, it may still be feasible either for the lorry driver himself or for a service provider to take specific corrective measures to make the loading unit suitable for dispatch in the short term.

Be sure to deal with any obvious defects or damage to your loading unit prior to delivery to the terminal, in order to avoid any hold-ups or unnecessary laidup time at the terminal.

Check-in log for loading units with hazardous goods (1/2)
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