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Hazardous goods

This section contains information about transporting hazardous goods in combined rail-road transport.

As well as the notice sheet for the transportation of hazardous goods in combined transport, shipped or received through Kombiverkehr, you will also find information on hazardous goods published by the UIRR.

The UIRR has produced a brochure entitled "Combined transportation of hazardous goods" in collaboration with the European Commission. As well as general content, the brochure also sets out the most important legislation governing the transportation of hazardous goods in combined transport for reference. There is also advice about marking loading units and the use of labels when transporting your hazardous goods.

The brochure is available for you as a download.

UIRR brochure 2009 (Deutsch)
UIRR_DE_KV_2009.pdf [222 kb]
UIRR brochure (dansk)
UIRR_DK 2003.pdf [256 kb]
UIRR brochure 2009 (English)
UIRR_EN_KV_2009.pdf [220 kb]
UIRR brochure 2009 (français)
UIRR_FR_KV_2009.pdf [221 kb]
UIRR brochure 2009 (italiano)
UIRR_IT_KV_2009.pdf [222 kb]
UIRR brochure 2009 (Slovenščina)
UIRR_SI_KV_2009.pdf [271 kb]